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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

So here we are...a new website has been created for Three Trees Artisan and is ready to go out into the world! How did I get here...? I think I knew, when starting up Three Trees, that eventually there would have to be a website. Anything ‘tech’ related is a challenge for me (those of you who know, know!!) and I would need some serious help. From a seriously talented (and patient!) person. Enter a very good and generous (and patient!) friend, and here we are. Amazing.

The reason I’m so excited about this website is that it will make it easier to share all the ‘Goodness’ Three Trees has to offer to a much wider audience. Social media is great, but it will only take you so far. Hence this spiffy new website!

When I first opened the doors, I had about a dozen artists in the shop. At last count, I’m up to 39!! I’m excited to share photos of the fabulous work I have and I’m really excited to share the back story of the artists on our new ‘Meet the Maker’ page. When you get to know a little bit about the journey an artist takes to produce that beautiful piece you just bought, that makes the experience even greater, and this is where you will find out all about that journey : )

This blog will be a place to share what’s coming up for Three Trees. I’m always thinking about ways to offer even more of all this 100% handmade world to you! To that end, I’m starting work on a project that will see a new ‘creative studio’ space attached to Three Trees. There you’ll be able to take classes from some of the artists we have in the shop and learn something new that will take you further along your own creative journey. The space will be large enough to accommodate appropriate social distancing, something that will be with us for a while for sure. Stay tuned for progress reports!

That’s what’s happening right now at Three Trees. I can’t thank all the artists who are part of this venture enough, their work inspires me everyday. And thank you to all our customers, your support for local artisans is stellar, and it's the reason that makers get to keep on making!

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