Christmas wishes...

And here we are, at the last blog post of the year. Amazing to think where we were a year ago and reflect on all that has transpired this year. I’m taking time this holiday season to honour the unhappy and uncomfortable feelings that have come along during the year. And to move to focussing on what is here, now. And what lies ahead. With that in mind, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the customers that have come through the door this year...I can honestly say that this little shop has been thriving during the pandemic. Thanks to all the folks who have decided to support small, local businesses in a BIG way : ). And, as always, thank you to all the artists, both in the Three Trees family and generally, for reminding us that beauty and creativity cannot be stopped by a pandemic! Your inspiration is truly a gift to us all.

Please note, the shop is now open everyday up to and including December 23rd, 11 - 5pm, with the exception of Sunday, December 20th, open 11 - 3pm. After that, we will head into our seasonal closure, re-opening Wednesday, February 10th to a brand new year and emerging into a brand new season!

So that takes care of almost everything I wanted to share, aside from my wish to you all this season. A good friend of mine is exploring Buddhism and gave me this meditation recently, which I love. He says he uses it to focus on the different people in his life, sending it to himself, someone he loves, someone he doesn’t know and someone he doesn’t particularly like. Which I think is lovely. It’s also my wish for you all this Christmas as we pass the winter solstice and start to make our way back towards the sun.

May you be...

happy and peaceful...

safe and secure...

healthy and prosperous...

and live joyfully with ease.

Best wishes friends,



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